A Big Future Ahead: WSBSPORT’s 5 a side journey in the USA.

like this The 5 a side in recent years has exploded in the U.S.A. taking ground even compared to the most historically practiced sports on American soil such as basketball, an example of this is the conversion of many basketball courts in 5 a side. WSBSPORT is the main player in this market and the […]


Mats Jonmarker is the CEO and founder of MTJ Sports, an Illinois based company since 2006, and a leading supplier and installer of indoor and outdoor sports surfaces and equipment in the United States. MTJSPORTS has partnered with WSBSPORT to offer complete indoor soccer systems with turf, boards, goals, netting, scoreboards, and bleachers along with with full turnkey […]


Covid-19 came like thunderbolt and hit many companies around the world, but WSBSPORT was not unprepared. The company philosophy has always been based on smart working and the profound understanding of the market and expertise of all its members. Since day 1 of lockdown the entire team, starting from the CEO, Pierfrancesco Iazeolla, continued the […]

Indoor Soccer Center Design: the importance of branding  


Indoor soccer facilities need appropriate club design and an effective branding strategy to be successful. In commercial architecture design and marketing must go hand in hand. club design branding strategy design and marketing The first examples of industrial design applied to commercial and retail outlets dates back to the early 1900’s when man started thinking of a radical new architecture […]

Open an Indoor Soccer Club for women: Le Hall Case Study

Open an Indoor Soccer Club for women

Let’s look at how a French entrepreneur created a plan to open an indoor soccer club for women.  Let’s look at how a French entrepreneur created a plan to open an indoor soccer club for women.  Women’s football is experiencing a moment of great awareness. Not only in the United States, where for years women […]

How is League of Legends strengthening the eSports world.

League of Legends, the famous game MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) of Riot founded in 2009, has just closed another glorious page of the history of the esports. With the recent participation in the world cup held in South Korea, the game labeled by Riot continues to deliver impetus to the sector. The eighth edition […]

Forum Lausanne: Esports at the Olympic Games?

Olympic Flag

On 21st July 2018, in Lausanne, Switzerland, the first international forum was held to analyze and discuss the future of eSports at Olympic Games. Organized by the International Olympic Committee (CIO) and the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), the meeting represented a fundamental step to illustrate and explore the opportunities to involve the […]

Esports in USA Vol.1

esport arena

Esports, in USA, with its power of involvement and the interest aroused in every part of the world can be defined as a concrete representation of a succession of ideas and innovations. Furthermore, the USA has a much younger history than the old continent and so the competitive sport is thus considered as a staging […]