Les 4 éléments, a new WSBSPORT club in Chateauroux, France is Now OPEN. Les 4 éléments , a new WSBSPORT club in Chateauroux, France is Now OPEN. WSBSPORT is the reference company for anyone wishing to open a sport center in his home country. From site validation to design of the soccer facility, our certified brokers and […]


The 5-a-side in the USA is now a booming national phenomenon.  José Trujillo, owner of the new  FUTBOL CLUB STL in St. Louis  felt there was a need  for a venue entirely dedicated to Soccer, a club  where you could play in quality indoor facilities even in the harsh winters of Missouri. His basic idea was […]


SAFETY FIRST: ANTI-COVID MATERIALS AND GUIDELINES WSBSPORT is Company specialized in planning and construction of 5-a-side and small sided soccer centers. In these challenging times, facilities are re-opening after the Covid-19 lockdown. We have prepared a mitigation plan and advised many of our clients on materials and implementations necessary to make facilities safe for club […]


Covid-19 came like thunderbolt and hit many companies around the world, but WSBSPORT was not unprepared. The company philosophy has always been based on smart working and the profound understanding of the market and expertise of all its members. Since day 1 of lockdown the entire team, starting from the CEO, Pierfrancesco Iazeolla, continued the […]