WSBSPORT is the leader in consultancy and construction of indoor soccer, multisport and padel clubs combining extensive and undisputed know-how with state-of-the-art playing equipment exclusively made in Italy. Starting from designing the centre up to its promotion and management, WSBPORT’s top class services cover all the legal and logistic issues. We provide expertise, skills, and a complete global solution for those who want to start a new project or transform an existing facility. We offer the know-how required to turn businesses into more profitable venues through the rational use of space and a series of initiatives geared to generate engagement and more revenues. We have worked for sport facilities such as YMCA (Anaheim, California), Las Vegas Legends (Nevada), Sofive (5 facilities NY, NJ, PA and MD), Le Five (France), Futbol Club (Italy), The Football Center (Dubai), Fit Five (Belgium), US5 Center (Los Angeles, CA), Lab Five (Los Angeles, CA) and PSG Park (China).

years of experience