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Mats Jonmarker is the CEO and founder of MTJ Sports, an Illinois based company since 2006, and a leading supplier and installer of indoor and outdoor sports surfaces and equipment in the United States. MTJSPORTS has partnered with WSBSPORT to offer complete indoor soccer systems with turf, boards, goals, netting, scoreboards, and bleachers along with with full turnkey installation.

WSBSPORT and MTJSPORTS recently participated of United Soccer Coaches Convention together. It was the perfect opportunity to ask him a few questions and get to know him better:

Mats tell us something about yourself and your passion for the sports world.

Mats: I follow different sports with great passion: baseball, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis and more. I coached youth soccer in the 90’s (U10-12 Teams). I play golf on a regular basis and like to work out on regular basis. My passion for sports is simple to me!  It is great for one’s health and offers  good social activity for friends and family.  That is what we promote at MTJ Sports –  more sports and recreation opportunities for people of all ages.

Why did you decide to start a company like MTJ Sports?

Mats: The key questions in our business is always WHY?  That’s how Steve Jobs invented Apple 20 years ago.  MTJ Sports stands for creating more opportunities at higher quality for people to participate in sports and recreation. We believe in working with our customers as a true business partnership. We believe in continuous improvement of sports facilities, in cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships by being open and honest and most of all we believe in keeping our word.  Our word is our bond.

What is your value proposition?

Mats: We maintain a diverse portfolio of high quality products that uses cutting edge technology to enhance athletic playability. We focus on quality products & services and align with Key vendors and  strategic alliance partners like WSBSPORT.  MTJ Sports Provides access to the Design, Manufacturing & Construction of High-Quality Sports Surfaces & Equipment

What are the characteristics of the American soccer market? In which cities is this sport most practiced?

Mats: You will find that American Soccer market is now growing everywhere throughout the country – rural and urban.  Soccer in America is Booming.

What kind of agreement did you make with WSBSPORT?

Mats: MTJ SPORTS will be committed to promote and install WSB SPORT Systems in mainly the Midwest of America, but also committed to support sales and installation throughout North America and other Countries as needed to make the 5-A-Side Soccer a success for both of us. I researched WSBSPORT and others and found WSBSPORT to show most amount of experience, quality products and desire to develop presence in the North American Soccer market. We are perfect together.

Mobile: 309-853-7210
Toll Free: 800-789-1319
Intl: 1-309-854-6402
Email: mats@mtjsports.com
Websites: www.mtjsports.com