A Big Future Ahead: WSBSPORT’s 5 a side journey in the USA.

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The 5 a side in recent years has exploded in the U.S.A. taking ground even compared to the most historically practiced sports on American soil such as basketball, an example of this is the conversion of many basketball courts in 5 a side. WSBSPORT is the main player in this market and the experience gained in the U.S.A. has allowed us to become the market leader; we talk about the future of 5 a side with Miguel Bonilla, WSBSPORT’s Global Sales Manager.

1.      How can be described the journey of the 5 a side in the US?

After more than 20 years in the industry, being world leaders in the construction of fields and development of 5-a-side soccer complexes, we decided to undertake a new adventure in the USA. Since 2015 WSBSPORT has been building the foundations in this country to grow slowly but steadily and we are reaping the fruits of that work being today the absolute market leader. It is a great satisfaction for our company to be the reference for all American entrepreneurs who want to open a small sided soccer complex.

2.      What are the fundamental points of the success of 5 a side in American market?

The American customer is very demanding in terms of quality, not only in the product but also in the service. We are the only company in the USA that offers a solid product in all its components and at the same time aesthetic because our fields have that Italian design that distinguishes ourselves. In addition, we are very careful in the engineering of the fields to guarantee their solidity and safety of the players. More than 20 years of experience have allowed us to develop the most advanced product.

As far as service is concerned, customers prefer to work with us because in addition to offering the best small sided soccer fields on the market, we offer a turnkey service that includes an installation with teams of qualified local installers with whom we ensure a very efficient after sales service and we provide consulting services with which we ensure that the projects are sustainable, generate a quick ROI and profitability.

3.      How owning a 5 a side club has changed over the years?

The ideal 5v5 facility should now be a global entertainment experience that starts from the organization to the after match and beyond, and we bring undisputed advice and know-how that are fundamental to the success of the club.

Operators are also betting on the digitalization of the practice. We now offer tools that film matches and provide players with real-time statistics. Players can record their best goals at the touch of a button located inside the field or on a wristband that they can wear, then review their actions and share them on social media. It displays the number of balls touched, running speed, number of goals scored.

Sports tourism is also getting bigger, and we have created connections with the most important european 5v5 soccer networks to develop joint competitions.

4.      What are the perspective of 5 a side in the US and how these will impact the business?

Soccer is growing by leaps and bounds in the USA and we expect 5-a-side to go hand in hand with that growth. The 2026 World Cup will be a “lightning rod” that will inspire more American children to take up the sport so we expect this boom to be reflected in the number of new complexes and we will be there to meet that demand.

5.      How will WSBSPORT invest in the US market to support the 5 a side growth

Our plans for this market with great potential are very ambitious. I can’t reveal too much at the moment, but I can say that we are investing money to be able to meet all the demands of American customers. We have always been pioneers and promoters of innovation in our sector and the American market motivates us to continue with this approach.